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Buy Game

After you have bought a game, you will receive an email with all the necessary information.

If you have selected a digital service for payment, you will in most cases receive

immediately after your payment a mail with your serial key.

In this mail you will also find a link to the free download of the game you bought.

If you would like to transfer the amount, you will receive the mail with the serial key after we have received your payment on our account.

Serial Code -


Your Serial-Key is in principle infinitely usable!

Therefore you have the possibility to reactivate it at any time
(use "Deactivate" in the game).

The successful deactivation will be shown to you and with it also the still available activations of your serial.

Should you by chance or accident deactivate the
you can use the serial key multiple times (but not more than three times).

Serial-Key Input

As a member you can view your serial key at any time in your game account.

In addition, you will receive the Serial-Key by email, just like every guest customer.

Start your game and enter the Serial-Key in the corresponding field.

At this time the program requires access to the Internet!

The best way to do this is as follows:
Mark the serial key and copy it to the clipboard.
(Press the keys CTRL+C or right mouse button "Copy")

Then select the input field in the copy protection mask and add
the serial key in there.
(Press the keys CTRL+V or right mouse button "Insert")

Of course you are free to enter the serial key manually.

The successful activation is displayed.