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About us

Play Orange is a distributor and publisher of casual games, classic games of the 80s era and educational software.

Since our inception in March 2007, our mission has been to connect people through games from multiple vendors in an intuitive way.

As a games publisher, Play Orange has distributed many titles for mobile phones, PCs and MACs. Play Orange has distributed award-winning games such as Avenquest, Chrome, Speedway Leguage and Xpand Rally as well as licensed titles from epyx® and Dr.Brain®. As a partner of companies like magnussoft, ak tronic Software und Services, KOCH Media or the Weltbild Group we have sold games on various systems worldwide.

As a distributor of casual games solutions, Play Orange collects games from developers worldwide and distributes these games through our wide network of proprietary and third-party websites. Our own websites include Play-Orange.com, Play-Orange.de, Play-Orange.eu. In 2019, magnussoft Deutschland GmbH took over the further expansion of the Play Orange brand.

Please contact us if you have any questions:
Play Orange
To the lime tree 7
01723 Wilsdruff