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Der Landsitz le Cros
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Der Landsitz le Cros
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Locomotive 4
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Locomotive 4
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Elfen vs Goblins Defender

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The goblins are coming! Lead your brave elf warriors into the field and use the power of nature to keep the goblins, golems and ghosts at bay.

Multilingual version (completely English and German).



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The goblins are coming! Lead your brave elf warriors into the field and use the power of nature to keep the goblins, golems and ghosts at bay.

Decide for the optimal use of your defenders and arm yourself, because the enemy is already on the way. Knife-throwers and elf magicians push the attackers back and nature is on your side as well, letting everything grow bushes, sprout explosive mushrooms or literally put obstacles in the way of your opponents on your command.

But as long as the goblin army is not defeated once and for all, their attacks become fiercer every time. An almanac tells you how to summon your warrior elf to the field and make the plants your allies to defeat your enemies!


    - Exciting defensive game that requires skill and tactics
    - Many different defenders, opponents and upgrades
    - Shop for the purchase of important extras against stars played
    - Almanac with information about each warrior and defender trophy chamber
    - Casual Mode


Data sheet

German, English
Operating System:
Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
Intel Core Duo 2 2.5 GHz or better
Working memory:
512MB or better
Version 9.0c
HD Memory space:
150MB free RAM
One-time Internet access for activation:
File size


Elves vs Goblins

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